About Us

The “travelling partner / girlfriend” is me, Sarah Haskins; I am British born and bred and had no intention of leaving my home town of Clacton on Sea until I met a crazy South African wearing scruffy brown boots with red laces!!!
I was born and raised in Essex, where I decided I wanted to be a Vet, soon changed my mind when I got my A Level results!! After school I got a job in a Veterinary Practice as a trainee Veterinary Nurse, it took 3 years to get my qualifications, by which time I had developed a keen interest in Animal Behaviour. The lure of going to university was too strong and just over 3 years ago I started a degree in Animal Behaviour. I graduated in September of 2006 and since than have been planning the trip through Africa with Patrick.
Patrick and I met in December of 1998, and have been together since May of 1999. Since getting together I have been to South Africa with Patrick many times and over the years we have travelled a bit, it is due to this that I have developed itchy feet to see more of Africa and the great wide world.
Doing an overland trip through Africa has been a dream I have had as far back as I can remember, and the few short trips north of the South Africa border I have done with friends during varsity holidays has only made the whole idea more tantalising.
Now it would seem that dream is about to become a reality. After spending the last 9 years living and working in the U.K I have decided it is time to head home, but before I go any further let me introduce myself and my travelling partner / girlfriend properly and then continue my story.
I am Patrick Liversage, born 1st April 1972, yes your typical April fool. After eventually finishing studying Veterinary Science at Onderstepoort in South Africa, I climbed on a plane for the U.K. It was supposed to be a working holiday lasting no longer than 2 years, this however never happened, as one thing led to another, and somehow I found myself a partner in a fledgling veterinary practice. The practice has grown well, and now it is time to sell up, as even though I have enjoyed my time here, and work has been good to me, Africa has been calling for a while now and I can no longer ignore it.
Well here I am, it took some time but the third and final addition to this crazy journey has arrived!
(save applause please). Normally I would avoid being too vain, but in this case I have an excuse,
this is MY "about me" segment. so you'll just have to bear with me.

Where do I begin... Well, my name is James Liversage, I am a South African through and through, everything I have ever done, every breath I have ever taken has been done on the beautiful, fertile soil of my homeland (This is beginning to sound a bit "Long Way Downsy" - Do I need to reference that?) Anyway after 23 years of said air it seems to begin affecting a persons feet making them somewhat itchy for travel (Sarah apparently had the same reaction to it). Like many South Africans in my position the urge to get away and experience more of the wide world becomes overwhelming, as well as the fact that my front yard was becoming all too familiar, convenient and comfortable. So when my brother (Patrick) offered up the opportunity to travel at my other brothers wedding, which came complete with labola cows, there was no way in hell I was going to refuse. Also being the last two brothers in a family of five kids who haven't come down with the marriage lurgies I decided it was best for us bachelors to stick together. However, as Sarah has admitted to, she is like one of those bad smells that follow Patrick around but he will never be able to get rid of (I mean that in the best possible way) So I don't know how much longer the poor chap has.