Updated 8st Jan 2009 ( NB see Route section for Diary)


14th Dec: Went up to Footloose and changed all shocks. The truck is now
                 handling way better. Noticed that the radiator had a bodged repair job on it, something I had missed previously,
                 so we had to get another radiator ordered.
20th Dec: Back at Footloose to have the new radiator installed.
                 Last thing to do in the new year is replace all the oil, and get a rear diff lock fitted, then all is set to go.

                 Also got the Letter of Authority from the SABS in
                South Africa allowing us to import the Nissan
                into South Africa.

                I have now applied for the Import permit and sent
                off all the paperwork for the carnet.

                I will now have to start a paperwork section cause
                that is a major subject all of its own.
Major develoment is that my younger brother James will now be joining us for the first part of the trip.
4th Jan: Received Import permit via email this morning.
              Collected U.S. Dollars and Euros for our travelling expenses.

1st Jan: Went into London for New Years eve party with
               had a really good evening.

26-30th Dec: Collect James from Heathrow and then
               directly to the ferry across to Ireland to visit our
               sister Lara.

25th Dec: Quiet christmas with Sarah's family
13th Jan: Postponed trip by 2 days due to Patrick having a severe chest infection, as well as
                 the fact that we had not managed to get the house completely emptied and packed in time.
                 So to reduce Sarah's stress levels leaving date is now set for the 15th January.
                 Guestbook has now been added so please all go
                 and sign it.
                 Have also added Picture gallery which we will add
                 to as we can.
26th Jan: At last an internet connection that works. James has taken over the diary which is linked via
                the route section. Have fun reading.
Picture gallery has a few pics now so go look and drool, the pics are not in order at present
that will be sorted when we figure out how to fix the glitch.
Picture Gallery has had a few more pics added today (14th feb) James has been slack and as yet
has not finished with the diary yet.Has now done some, more to follow.
Contact page has been updated with new Sat phone number, as well as link fixed, and Waypoints page added.
28aug:The diary is now complete up to Namibia.We are currently in PIetermaritzburg helping run Pats Mom's B&B.
Patrick and Sarah leave again at the end of August to travel to Kenya and back again. The Nissan has been
imported into SA and will now sport a new registration plate.

Sarah and Patrick got engaged while in Etosha.
30aug:A few additions made to website, notably pictures updated, and last few sections for South Africa added. Paperwork section for importation into RSA finished.
2ndSept: Gallery and waypoints updated
I (Sarah) have taken over the diary so please bear with me, im not anywhere near as good as James was!
Oct 28th; We are in Narobi, Kenya with Ben and Bri, waiting for Kees and the Watkins family to arrive later today.
The car is in the garage again!
Nov 8th ; We are back in Nairobi after a 2 day trip out to Maasai Mara. See the diary for all of the details of that. I have uploaded lots of pictures from the Maasai Mara as well - go and have a look.
We think we have finaly found out what is wrong with the car and why she overheats on long uphills. She will be going to see someone monday morning an hopefully after that we will be on the road again.

The repairs have blown the budget so we will be making a bee line for SA now and will not get a chance to visit as many game parks as we had wanted to.

Shock of shocks we are going to go back to the UK to work for a bit and earn some pounds.
Nov 13th ; We have finaly got the car fixed, and all seems to be well again.
Nov 23rd ; Sorry about the lack of updates but there has not been a good connection for a while.
1st Jan 2009: We are now at the end of our trip, sitting in Cape Town, catching up with friends and trying to find
7th Jan ; finished off the last of the diary. Patrick is busy looking for jobs.
I have been having fun with Home affirs trying to get my visa ententded - they will not do it because I have not applied 30 dayys before it expires. I did try to explian that I was issued a 30 day visa on Dec 19th - the day all governemtn offices close of 2 weeks over the christmas period!! This was not a good enough reason so I have to leave SA by 18th. Oh well, back to Namibia we go!