Dogon Country Villages
Burkina and Ghana
Rabat camp N34 02.071 W6 49.689 Camp from hell, toilets and showers dirty,and no shade available.

 Meknes camp N33 52.762 W5 33.355 Nice clean campsite right at Royal stables in Meknes.

 Camp Intnl (fes) N33 59.943 W4 58.143 Clean campsite,though they did run out of water twice

 Mali Embassy (Rabat) N33 58.756 W6 50.006
 Mauritanian Embassy (Rabat) N33 58.830 W6 49.847
 Timneys Camping N32 45.146 W4 55.157 Great campsite, clean, hot showers,and flushing european style toilets

 Auberge Sahara N31 05.194 W4 00.409 Pleasant campsite in Merzouga, at base of tall dunes in Erg Chebbi. 20dh for camping for all 3 of us and shower and toilet included. Toilets clean and hot
                                                                                            shower if you get there 1st in the morning.

  Skoura Camp N31 03.026 W6 34.559 One of the friendliest, cleanest campsites in Morocco.

  Saharan Desert Bush camp N29 52.601 W5 59.981 Brilliant spot in dry river bed about 100m off the piste road. No visitors at all
                                                                                                              just peace and quiet.

  Camping Int Guelmime N29 01.056 W10 01.675 Not the greatest site, no showers, but it was dark and we needed a place to stop.

  Beach Camp N26 31.765 W13 51.992 Great secluded bush camp off the main road to Dakhla. It is just after Lemsid so a good point to stop if its getting late.

  Pat Surf Camp N23 46.045 W15 55.425 Great relaxing campsite off the road just before the police check point into Dakhla. Very hot showers and relaxed atmosphere.
Camping Bare du Levrier N20 54.949 W17 03.021 Great Campsite directly opposite police station in Nouadibhou. Can organise Car insurance as well as change money through the owner. If you need to extend your visa that can be done in police station across the road.
 Camp L'Ocean N15 59.821 W16 30.632 Nice enough but loads of fleas. Hotel with restaurant next door has wifi.
 Zebrabar N15 51.896 W16 30.729 The spot not to miss on an overland trip. Great place to relax and recharge batteries
C F A O (Toyota dealer Dakar)N14 41.451 W17 26.265
SERA (Nissan Dealer Dakar) N14 41.557 W17 26.205 serviced the Patrol here, good service

 Hotel La Brazzerade N14 44.980 W17 30.663 Cheapish, clean hotel by Dakar standards, great restaurant. 25000cfa for double room.

 Lac Rose campsite N14 48.405 W17 15.134 Nice well organised campsite run by a french couple on the shores of Lac Rose

Camp Lebambouck N13 57.887 W14 50.604 Campsite on road from hell between Dakar and Tambacounda, great halfway point to stop and reasonable considering they have you over a barrel. Have a pool with water in.

Wassadou Camp N13 20.984 W13 22.686 Brilliant hotel on banks of Gambia river. We managed to bargain the price of a room and dinner down to 8900cfa per person.
Gouloumbou N13 28.110 W13 43.231 Hunting lodge on banks of Gambia river. Great for relaxing with brilliant pool. 5000cfa per tent per night
Camp De Bala N14 01.482 W13 10.130 Another hunting lodge free camping ,as long as we ate at their restaurant (6000cfa for a francolin dinner).
Bush camp(Kayes) N14 18.230 W11 16.142 100m off of the piste road into Mali, over looking the river.
                                                                                            Hard ground with access to the river to wash.

River Camp(near Mahina) N13 37.010 W10 48.286 Beautiful bush camp on the rivers edge at the end of a donkey track to the river.This is where we found the Red Roman Spider!!

Mayaso Campmt(Segou) N13 26.664 W6 15.824 Small campment with 3 rooms. We pulled 2 cars into the secure parking area. Could either sleep on the roof under mosi nets or in your roof tent. Facilities avalible in the biulding but this was locked overnight and in the morning!!

Campment Hotel(Djenne) N13 54.449 W4 33.346 Camped in the carpark just inside of the gates. Parking is secure and can see the Mud Mosque from the roof tent.

Mac's refuge(Sevare) N14 30.783 W4 05.994 Run by an American Dogon. Allowed to camp in the drive/parking area. Is a god send after a hot dry day as has got a shaded pool!!! The food was amazing and lots of it.

Chez Jerome(Douentza) N15 00.555 W2 56.771 Run by an excentric French man! Can arrange trips to Fombori village to see the cliff dwellings.Camp in a shaded area in the car park, toilets and showers are basic but clean.

Camp Hogon(Bankas) N14 04.514 W3 31.573 Small B&B type camp which allowed us camp in the car park. Is situated on the road out of Mali into Burkina. Very basic facilties but fine for 1 night.
                                Embassies in Bamako
Burkina Embassy N12 37.867 W8 00.880
Ghana Embassy N12 38.021 W8 02.008
                                Border Posts
Mali Customs(Diboli) N14 27.752 W12 11.122
Mali Police(Diboli) N14 27.863 W12 11.031
Borber Police(Diboli) N14 27.272 W12 12.615
Mali Customs(Koro) N14 03.521 W3 04.626
Mali Gendarm(Koro) N13 58.193 W3 01.570
Police Station Bamako N12 37.946 W8 00.823
                              Places of Interest
Fombori Museum(Douentza) N14 58.744 W2 56.457 small museum about the local cliff dwelling people.
Main De Fatima N15 14.887 W1 47.336 The Hand of Fatima - rock formation which looks like a hand
Hombori Tonda N15 17.212 W1 39.908 The highest point in Mali
Ferry Crossing(to Mahina) N13 48.887 W10 49.460 Negotiate a price and agree it before you get on the boat. They doubled their price as soon as we were in the middle of the river and started to turn the boat around!!
Ferry(Massina ) N13 57.559 W5 21.843
Ferry Crossing(Djenne) N13 52.888 W4 31.018
Banani N14 28.023 W3 7.232
Ibi N14 28.508 W3 6.073
Koundou N14 29.720 W3 4.791
Youga Dougarou N14 31.875 W3 12.716
Youga Piri N14 32.251 W3 13.197
Pégué N14 26.810 W3 17.620
Irili N14 26.034 W3 18.323
amani N14 24.504 W3 19.871
Crocs! N14 24.193 W3 19.927
Tireli N14 22.943 W3 20.600
Begnematou N14 14.771 W3 28.317
Dgoudgourou N14 13.867 W3 28.608
Yabatalo N14 13.338 W3 29.229
Bagrou N14 12.318 W3 30.346
Ende N14 11.484 W3 31.645
Walia N14 10.515 W3 32.883
Teli N14 09.685 W3 33.868
Barinkari N14 06.116 W3 32.647
Bankas N14 05.063 W3 31.480
Hotel Ok Inn(Ouaga) N12 20.114 W1 30.830 Camping was "free" but we had to eat in the restaurant and pay to use the pool - so we moved on

Hotel Ricardo(Ouaga) N12 23.446 W1 31.625 Stayed here instead, very nice and quiet spot. Could use the very large pool for free. Toilets were very clean, had to use to shower in the pool area.

Camp Pacha(Bobo) N11 10.493 W4 18.841 Nice campsite with very friendly staff. Facilities were ok. They serve very cold beer and very tasty pizza's
Upland Hotel(Wa) N10 02.930 W2 31.113 Smart hotel where we tried to camp in the carpark. Manager was not there and reception staff would
                                                                                                             not OK us staying without management being present

Bushcamp(Wa) N9 55.458 W2 27.624 Nice bushcamp 10mins outside of Wa about 100m off of the road in a dip. Quiet night with no visitors / problems

Salia Brothers(Larabanga) N9 13.164 W1 51.504 Very very basic accomadation in the middle of town. Slept on the roof with all of the town noises all night only to find that The Salia Brothers have a Refuge 500m further along the road to Mole which looked in much better comdition!! Better still can go into Mole and camp there.

TICCS(Tamale) N9 25.597 W0 50.760 Took a room as we were not allowed to camp. Rooms clean with clean facilities - have to pay extra for air-con.
Mole Nat Park N9 14.516 W1 50.652 Camped at the end of the chalets. Very nice view over the watering hole where ellie's come a drink. Can use the pool. Have to use the faciltites in the pool block, which were busy being worked on when we were there.

Boabeng Fiema(Fiema) N7 42.465 W1 42.148 Camping area provided by the Monkey Sanctuary. Facilties clean. Staff friendly and helpful

Presbyterian(Kumasi) N6 41.273 W1 37.262 Camping in the ground of the Guest House. Very nice and clean facilities. Short walk from the town but far enough out to get a good nights sleep.
Green Turtle N4 45.503 W2 01.268 Relaxed camping on the beach. Bit of a mission to get to but well worth the effort when you camp on the beach!! Facilities extreamly clean but toilets smelly as they are self-composting!!!!

Abandze Beach N5 11.681 W1 05.446 Amazing new beach front spot which allows overlanders to camp on the grassy area infront of the bungalows. Run by a Scotish women who arranged an amazing Ground-nut soup dinner for us

Millys Backyard(kokrobite) N5 29.728 W0 21.941 A must for all overlanders as everyone ends up staying here!! The facilites are ok, bucket showers can be scarse if they run out of water! The 24 hour bar has its advantages and disadvantages
     Embassies in Accra

Angola Embc N5 36.599 W0 10.622 Help to start the long process of gettng a visa
Nigerian H C N5 36.406 W0 12.006 Got a visa within 3 days

     Border Posts
Bukina Passprt(Thiou) N13 48.673 W2 40.341
Bukina Customs (Thiou) N13 48.637 W2 40.179
Burkina Custom(Ouessa) N11 02.689 W2 47.171
Burkina Passpt (Kiri) N11 00.311 W2 44.864
Ghana Pport+customs(Kiri) N11 00.103 W2 44.849
Custom/police N10 09.997 W2 32.459
Ghana Customs(Aflao) N6 06.866 E1 11.889
Ghana Passpt(Aflao) N6 06.785 E1 11.933
     Places of Interest /Other

Toll N13 27.914 W2 23.074
Goil(Damongo) N9 05.121 W1 49.211 The first fuel station we had come across in a while
Barclays(Tamale) N9 24.126 W0 50.339 Could change money and draw without a problem
Mole Nat Park N9 14.516 W1 50.652 The biggest National Park in Ghana. Not much game but can go on game walsk with ellies
Shoprite(Accra) N5 37.281 W0 10.454 A SHOPRITE!!!!!!! Stocked up on food reserves for travels through Nigeria etc
Koala(Accra) N5 33.974 W0 10.851 An expat supermarket. Stock most basics. Can get wireless connection in the carpark!!
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