29th April: We managed to collect our visa's from the Gabon embassy today, and, yet another pleasant surprise. The DRC embassy, for the same 10 000 Cfa fee, is able to fast track the visa process as well! We'll have everything completed by tomorrow, which means that by Thursday we'll be on our way to Gabon!
30th April: We have all our visa's done! The cars got a service today and the Nissan got a cleaning, she looks a bit less like
the vehicle version of a beaten hooker now. brilliant, and the soccer final was on, so we all headed down to a local night spot,
had a few beers, and watched in stunned silence as Liverpool was literally molested by Chelsea.
1st May: We left Yaounde today and drove due south all day. The drive was fairly uneventful.By the end of the afternoon we had arrived in Ebolowa where we decided to find accomodation for the evening. It was a good thing too, because we found a lovely hotel called "Hotel LeRanch". They agreed to let us camp there for 1500 Cfa per person per night, and arranged a rooms facilities free of charge. On arrival it was made blindingly obvious that the staff and managers were having a raucous May day party. Everybody was sloshed and more than eager for us to join in the festivities, so we did. After a couple of beers we were well into the groove of things. The music was blaring, people were breaking out in dance, pictures were being taken, and at some point during the evening I was offered a wife. The one guy said his sister needed a husband and duly proffered my services. I felt it was necessary for me to inform him that my other three wives may not agree to the arrangement, but a bit of healthy competition never hurt anybody (me specifically). He didn't seem too perturbed by the fact. He took a picture of the two of us together (probably some type of local marital ritual - all thats required is proof of our meeting), it's most likely being displayed proudly in the family room now. Why do I always get picked on! Tomorrow we leave Cameroon.